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SpeedX Worldwide Express

We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in Express business in many parts of the world. Our local presence and advantage in our area of Operation helps in prompt customs clearance. This also gives us an edge over FedEx, UPS and DHL and Others.

Large Delivery companies may claim to offer efficiencies of scale- but in practice, your deliveries simply become one among thousands. On the other hand, we are big enough to handle your bulk shipments, but small enough to care about your individual Requirements.

In this difficult economic climate, we have helped our customers significantly lower their delivery cost and time. Royal Express helps your company achieve this goal.

International Courier Cargo Shipping & Logistics Services from Hyderabad, India
Door to Door Delivery, Fast Express Services,Efficient, Quick Deliveries, Wide Network, Track & Trace Facility, Economical Pricing, Secure Packaging Solutions, Instant Pik-up. You Demand, We Deliver, Special Rates for Bulk Shipment.